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Tui Medical is a group of six medical clinics that are locally owned and operated in the Waikato.

Tui Medical provides a comprehensive, family-based general practice. In addition to our GP services we offer nurse-led, specialist and urgent/acute drop-in services at our general practice clinics.

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We provide doctors’ surgeries in five Hamilton locations – Rototuna, Davies Corner, Te Rapa, Parkwood, Central, and one medical centre in Huntly – all offering general practitioner care and specialist medical services.

We recognise that access to healthcare in New Zealand is hindered by ethnic, social and economic barriers. We charge those who are able to pay our Very Low Cost fees and utilise a portion of our profits to deliver free general practice services to the poor and underprivileged in our community.

We are deeply committed to our social responsibilities and work to ensure no mother or child is left behind by the healthcare system in the communities we serve regardless of their ability to pay.

Our aim is to provide a quality and superior level of service by expanding our capabilities whilst maintaining efficiency. We do this through the dedication of our local staff, continuing to provide an innovative service with a multi-disciplinary team, continuing education of all our staff and maintaining all our quality assurance and accreditation programmes.

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Did you know…

…that if you are an enrolled patient, and  you visit any of our medical clinics,  the staff can access your patient information?

Our clinics share one database so you can enjoy the flexibility of visiting any of our medical practices, and you won’t be charged casual rates if you are not visiting your usual clinic.

Your regular doctor will have access to any notes taken at another of our other practices. Remember though, that it’s important to return to your regular doctor whenever you can.

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