Your regular General Practitioner (GP) will help you manage any chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, etc. Your GP will also ensure that you have regular health screening such as cervical smears or Healthy Heart checks.

  • All consults at this time will be through phone consult.

  • Access to face to face consultations are triaged by Doctors. Additional consult charges apply.

  • They are there for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and will see you over many years.

  • GP appointments are for 10 minutes. Due to time constraints, it is not always possible to deal with multiple concerns.

  • If you require a longer time, please make a double appointment.

  • If English is not your first language, please inform our reception staff in advance so that we have time to organise an interpreter for you.

  • A chaperone is available if you require. It is our policy to have a chaperone available for genital or breast examinations by a doctor of the opposite gender.

  • Test Results

    You will only be notified of your test results if they are abnormal. When you see your doctor, they will discuss with you how you would like to be notified if we need to contact you.

    If you call requesting your result, the nurse taking your call will give you the result (if it has been seen by your doctor), without knowing your history or background.

    Should you require your results urgently, it is best for you to make an appointment to see the doctor who ordered the test. If that is not possible, you can make an appointment to see any one of our GP’s.

    Repeat Prescriptions

    Repeat prescriptions are for enrolled patients who are on regular medications.
    Most patients will need to be seen at least six monthly.
    Every patient will need to be seen at least once a year.
    It takes two working days to process a prescription.
    If your regular GP is away and your medications are due, you may only be issued a shorter supply.

    Our General Practices offer 10 minutes appointments for our enrolled patients. If you feel you may need a longer time please advise our staff when you make your appointment. There will be an extra charge for this service

    Our General Practices offer a wide range of services:
  • Minor surgery

  • Iron and aclasta infusions

  • Routine health checks

  • Medical checks for insurance, employment, driving

  • Ongoing management of chronic health care