• Repeat prescriptions are available for long term medications.

  • We require two working days notice to process your prescription.

  • Requests placed after 4 pm on Friday will not be ready until the following Tuesday.

  • If your doctor is away and your medications are due, you may only be issued a shorter supply until your own doctor can see you.

  • Prescription charges

    * $19.00 for 65yrs+ without CSC
    * $19.00 for 65yrs+ with CSC
    * $19.00 for 18-64yrs
    * $13.00 for 14-17yrs
    * Free for under 14yrs

    Faxed to Pharmacy
    * $25.00 for 14yrs+
    * $10.00 (admin fee) for under 14yrs

    For more information, please refer to our repeat prescription guidelines.


    Please complete this form to request for an online repeat prescription. Please make sure you fill in all required (*) fields.

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