When you are stabilised on a medication you may request a repeat prescription without the need to see your GP.
Repeat prescriptions are for our enrolled patients who are on regular medications. There is a charge for this service. Most patients having repeat prescriptions will still need to be seen at least six-monthly. All patients should be seen on an annual basis.

For safety reasons, repeat prescriptions should be done by your own GP. Please do not present to the Urgent Care service for repeat prescriptions. Prescriptions are valid for three months so you are advised to request your repeat prescription at least a couple of weeks in advance of running out. Prescription requests will take 2 working days to process. Requests placed after 4 pm on Friday will not be ready until the following Tuesday.

If your doctor is away the prescription may be done by another doctor. If that doctor is not happy to provide the prescription you may be given a shorter supply. To avoid this, please order repeats well before you run out.

We will contact you only if we need to discuss your request, otherwise, assume your repeat prescription will be processed. Please allow 2 full working days for the request to be processed.

Tui Medical Central no longer provide repeat prescriptions online, please present to a doctor to have this completed.

Please note: The repeat prescription service is only available 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Prescription charges

* $19.00 for 65yrs+ without CSC
* $19.00 for 65yrs+ with CSC
* $19.00 for 18-64yrs
* $13.00 for 14-17yrs
* Free for under 14yrs

Faxed to Pharmacy
* $25.00 for 14yrs+
* $10.00 (admin fee) for under 14yrs