General Practitioner

Kia ora! Ko Casey van Vliet toku ingoa. Born and raised in NZ, happily married and father of one plus a few fur-babies.
I received my medical degree from the University of Auckland in 2008, worked 2 years in Rotorua, and a further 3 years registrar training at Waikato Hospital amongst various surgical specialties. I joined the GP training programme in 2013, gaining fellowship in 2017.
My particular interests include disorders of the Ear, Nose and Throat, Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as other non-cancer minor surgeries (lipoma, cyst, foreign body retrieval, nail plate wedge resections).
Outside of work I like to play golf, try to keep physically fit, and travel with my family.
In addition to these, as a GP I value the long-term therapeutic relationships you develop with patients and families, and I look forward to meeting many more of you along the way.

Languages Spoken:

English and Te Reo

Dr Casey Van Vliet