General Practitioner

Dr. Leo Revell has been working at Tui Medical since 2008. Prior to this he was working as a General Practitioner at the St Andrews Medical Centre for many years.

Many remember him as a guru of General Practice who used to open his practice at 7am every day for years. He comes from New Zealand and his family background is social work and nursing. Leo’s hobbies and interests include going to the gym, reading travel and studying. He has four children and two grandchildren who live with him. (The grand children, that is).

Leo joined medicine because he always wanted to be a General Practitioner. His generosity of spirit led to the opening of the K’aute Pasifika clinic and its later amalgamation with the Family clinic. He has led the way forward in ensuring those who are in need always have access to free General practice care during and after hours. He also enjoys teaching doctors and medical students how to do General Practice and is always surrounded by students and trainees from different clinical sciences. He is happiest when in a learning environment. Leo has a special interest in Ultrasound and Medical Anthropology. He makes it a habit to keep taking a paper or two a year at Otago University to keep his brain sharp as a razor blade.

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Dr Leo Revell